Ticketing Software for Nonprofits

Leave paper tickets and other expensive online ticketing software behind. Guests can buy individual tickets or packages of tickets for no extra charge with our platform. Settings allow you to group tickets, for example you could do 10 per package to match the tables at your gala dinner. Check-in becomes simple when our ticketing system software puts your guests’ tickets at your fingertips.

Our ticketing software is included in our pricing plans along with the auction, donation, raffle, and attendee management features. Both of our pricing plans are free to start: we don’t make money if you don’t raise money. 

With our Flex Plan there is no start fee, only platform and processing fees, and you’re guaranteed to net between 92%-100% of your donation proceeds. 

Our Prepaid Plan does have a start fee of around $297-$1,500 depending on your needs, however this plan allows unlimited access to certain features, like SMS credits, and guarantees between 94%-100% of your proceeds go to your organization’s pockets.

Sell individual tickets or groups of tickets, say, for tables at sit-down fundraising meal. Our ticket software settings allow you to ask for buyers to register a name for each ticket, helping you to get a one-to-one match for each ticket. Or, you can opt-out of that requirement, to make it easier for people to buy multiple tickets. Set your ticket prices to suit your needs and track your ticket sales ahead of your event.

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Sell more tickets with less red tape

Ticket sales just became easier. Even as you’re gathering your auction items and planning your event you can start selling tickets. Guests can buy individual tickets or groups of tickets. Put limits on how many tickets an individual can buy or let them run wild. Set ticket prices and track sales to gauge interest in your event and decide whether you need to redouble your promotion efforts.

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Ticketing Software That's Simple to Use and Easy to Love

Boost your earnings

Give donors more ways to support you, including by selling ticket packages as sponsorships. Our ticketing software lets local businesses sponsor whole tables, classes, or other groups of your tickets.
boost earnings

Ditch paper tickets and inefficient ticketing software

Save money and time when you use our in-platform ticketing software instead of yet another technology partner that will charge more.

Free Registration

Keep track of new donors

When guests buy tickets you can get them registered to bid in your auction and save their info for smoother checkouts. Not only that, but our ticketing software will help you save this information for your own donor database.
Track Donors

Have questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

It's already easy to use. But we're still here for you just in case.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is ready to help you with all your technical questions, and can be reached by live chat, email, or phone depending on your plan.


Give yourself a head start with a custom onboarding plan. Maximize results along the way with premium training, consulting, and technical services.


We have blog articles, online courses, and comprehensive video tutorials to help you and your whole team get the best out of our platform.

Fundraising Software That Grows With You

Ticket sales are just one piece of CharityAuctionsToday’s complete platform designed to help build
your auction projects. Each product is powerful, but they’re even more capable when used together.


No Fee
$297 – $1500
Platform Fees
0% – 5%

0% – 3%

Processing Fees

3% + $0.30

3% + $0.30

Donation Net Amount

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Live Auction Features

Restricted Access

Unlimited Access

Number of Bidders



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can set a maximum number of tickets one individual can purchase. You can also require them to register individual names and contact info for each ticket they purchase. If you don’t anticipate someone gobbling up tickets like this though, you can turn these features off and let folks buy as many tickets as they need without registering individuals (especially useful for family events where registering kids’ contact information would be moot).

Say you have 10 place settings per table, you can sell your tickets in groups of ten so that donors can buy an entire table at once. You can also still sell tickets individually for donors who aren’t bringing a large group to your event.

Yes! You can track your ticket sales independently of your auction report.

No! Ticketing software, like all our features, is included in our pricing plans. All you need to decide is whether the Flex or Prepaid plan would work best for your organization and event needs.

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Ticket software is just one component of our fundraising platform. Each product is designed to help you build your fundraising projects: and they’re most powerful when used together.

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