Online Auction Software Capabilities

Facebook App:

You can run your auction through your Facebook Page. Your Facebook fans can do all their bidding from inside Facebook.

Start/End time Blocks:

Create multiple time blocks to stagger end times for different groups of items. Or leave them all on one to update your auction times.

Privacy Settings:

List your auction “Private” for only the people that receive your auction link or list the auction “Public”. When listed “Public” we will share your auction on our website, social media channels and to our bidder pool.


Select your country’s currency to list bids in.

Pick Up Available:

If you are adding a shipping amount to every item, you can give winning bidders an option to opt-out of shipping and pick up the items. Note: this is only available on a pre-paid plan.

Buy It Now Invoiced:

If you are selling buy it now items and would like them added to at final invoice at the end of the event, you can turn on Buy It Now Invoiced. When turned off, buyers will be forced to put in a credit card at the time of purchase. Note: Buy It Now Invoiced is only available on a pre-paid plan.

Auction Terms:

Add terms and conditions or a special note that you would like display at the bottom of every auction item.

Embed Auctions Into Your Website:

Run auctions using our online auction software from your own website.

Pre-register Credit Cards:

Make bidders put a credit card on file before they place their first bid. You can auto charge credit cards when the auction ends to fast checkout or payments.

Items Status:

Add your items without having your guests see them. Reveal all of the items at once when your auction starts.

Listing Type:

You can list your auction as Online Auction or View Only. View Only listing type will create an online catalog of items that guest can view but not place bids. Great for live auction items at an event/gala.

Goal Amount:

Display a Goal Amount on your auction page with a thermometer.

Buyers Premium:

Pass along a fixed dollar amount or a percentage to the winning bidders. Most people use this to pass along the credit card processing fee or some/all of our commission fee.

Bidding Options (Popcorn, auto, straight):

Bidding can be set different ways, Straight is your standard bidding. Auto or Proxy bidding will allow your guests to enter their high bid and only be notified when that limit has been reached. Popcorn bidding simulates a live auction where the auction will stay open until there is 5 minutes of non bidding.

Auto Assign Catalog Numbers:

Have our system add the catalog numbers for you.

Nonprofit Auction Software Support Features

Knowledge Base:

You can find just about every answer to every question in our knowledge base and video training. From your online Auction Dashboard, click on the Help button in the lower right corner of your screen to ask our knowledge Base a question.

Email Support:

Still have questions that our Knowledge Base couldn’t answer? You can send an email into our support desk 24/7/365.

Phone Support:

Want to talk to a live person? You can reach support during office hours M-F 7am to 6pm CST. Give us a call at 630-791-0243.

On-Call Support:

Running a live event and want someone on-call to help troubleshoot and answer questions during the event? Contact us to setup on-call support and make sure your live event runs smooth.

Silent Auction Software Item Features

Add Items:

Import items in bulk wiht an Excel spreadsheet or add your items one at a time.

Item Title:

Give your items and auction a title to give them life.

Custom Category:

Sort your items by categories that you create. Create unlimited custom categories. Items can be added to multiple categories.

Shipping Cost:

If your items are not going to be picked up, you can add shipping cost right to the item invoice.

Buy It Now Price:

Allow your guests to buy your items without the stress of watching and bidding. Bidder will be forced to purchase the items instantly.

Item Image:

Give your bidders a glimpse of what they are bidding on. If the item is not in front of them they are going to want to know what they are bidding on. You can upload up to 5 images per item.

Donor Info:

Give credit where credit is due. Let your bidders know where these items are coming from. Donor names can be linked to their website.

Hide Items:

You can hide items if they are not fully ready for bidder viewing.

Bulk Edits:

You can edit item in bulk even after your auction has launched.

Transfer Items:

Transfer items from one year to the next to save time.

Items Value:

Let your bidders know what they are getting. Enter what your items are worth or list them as “Priceless”.

Catalog Number:

Organize items for your records with catalog numbers.

Item Description:

Give your bidders a detailed description of the item they are bidding on. There is no limit on how long the description can be.

Starting Bid:

Give your bidders a place to start and watch it raise from there.

Reserve Price:

Don’t let your items go without getting what you want for them. Your items will not be awarded for anything less than your reserve price.

Blind Bidding:

Your guests will be allowed to enter the highest dollar amount they are willing to spend on that item and only the highest bidder will be awarded that item. All bidding history will be hidden and the number of bidders will be assigned as winners depending on how many items (QTY) are available.

Default/Custom Bid Increment:

You choose how much each bid goes up by setting your own bid increments. Or use our default sliding scale.

Keep Adding Items:

You can continue to add items even after your auction has launched.

Bundle Items:

Bundle items together to create item packages.

Designing Your Charity Auction

Auction Goal Amount:

Let your guests see how much you are trying to raise so they know they can help. Event Main Image: A picture is worth a thousand words, show your guests images of the organization to build credibility and branding.

Auction Page Design:

Brand your auction page to match the look and feed of your website. Choose from 12 pre-designed themes for quick setup.

Auction Page Features:

You can enable/disable all of our page features with a click of the mouse.

Social Share Buttons:

We have strategically placed social media share button throughout your auction and item detail pages for quick sharing.

Title & Description:

Give your auction a great title and compelling description to get people to bid, donation or share.

Donate Cash Buttons:

Your auction page can double as a crowdfunding page. Easily collect cash donations from visitors and don’t want to bid on your items.

Donate Item Button:

Let visitors submit auctions items to you. All items must be approved by you before they are listed live.

Live Auction Software Features

Registration Kiosk:

Have your bidders register for your auction through a tablet or laptop at the event and they will receive a text message with a link to your auction. Less hassle means more time for bidding.

Mobile Kiosk:

If your bidders do not have a smart device, they can still participate in your mobile auction from the bidding kiosk. They can place a bid with either a bidder number, email or username.

Bulk Edit:

Easily make bulk edits or changes to your items.


Display the leaderboard onto the wall or TV at the venue. Scroll through Top Items, Items With No Bids, Auction Totals and Thank You Sponsors pages.

Paddle Raise:

Give your guests a platform to donate designated dollar amounts with the push of a button. Watch in real time as the donations come in.

Auto/Manually Assign Winners:

Assign winners to your items manually or have our system assign and send out your invoices automatically.

Attendees Page:

Check-in guests and make sure they have all of the information you’re requiring from the attendee’s page.

Bidder Numbers:

Auto or Manually assign bidder numbers for Live Auctions or Paddle Raise.

Mobile Text Giving:

Create a text message keyword and let guests text a keyword to 88793 and we will reply with your auction link for quick registration.

Custom Text Message:

Schedule custom text messages to go out through the night of your event.

Reporting and Invoicing



Once all is said and done, where did you land? Know where all of the funds are and other details about your auction. All our charity auction software’s reports download in excel and be generated a thousand different ways.


Your winners will receive an invoice itemizing the items they have won by text message and email. At live events, bidders can show volunteers the invoice on their phone to pick up items they won.

Export All Bidders:

When your auction ends, export a list of all registered bidders and the information we collect to import into your donor management system.

Bidders Experience

Easy Registration:

We make it easy for bidders to quickly get registered and start placing bids on our online charity auction software.

Bidder Dashboard:

Each bidder will create a bidder profile and be able to bid and watch items they are interested in.

Outbid Notifications:

When a bidder is outbid, they will receive an email and text message outbid notification with a link directly back to the item.

Selling Event Tickets


Unlimited Ticket Plans:

Create unlimited Free Tickets, Paid Tickets and Donation Ticket plans.

Event Ticket Landing Page:

Create and design your own event ticket landing page just to sell tickets.

Early Bird Features:

Open and close ticket plans depending on date or number of tickets sold.

Sell Sponsorships & Group Tickets:

Create ticket packages to sell sponsorships and groups tickets.

Pre-register buyers/guests as bidders:

All buyers and guests can be pre-registered as a bidder to streamline check-in at your event.

Sell Up-Sells and Raffle Tickets:

Easily add items, products or services to up-sell during the buying process.

Full Reporting:

Generate sold ticket and guest checkin reports with a push of a button.

Custom Text Messages

Auction Starting Soon:

Send this message 30 minutes before your auction starts. With this message you can pre-load your attendees and let bidders know your auction is about to start.

Items With No Bids Alert:

Send this message one hour before your auction ends to make people aware of items that have no bids.

Auction Ending Soon:

Send this message 30 minutes before your auction closes to let bidders get all their last minute bids in.

Make A Donation:

Send this message 30 minutes after your auction starts to let bidders know they can make a cash donation if they don’t find any items they want to bid on.

Donation Request to Non-Winners:

Send this message 15 minutes after your auction ends to give all the bidders who did not win the ability to still support your cause.

Custom Text Messages:

Create a custom message on the fly to go out immediately or schedule to be sent at a later date.

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