Auction Software for Nonprofits

Our auction software allows you to make the most of your time and resources. Run a purely online auction with our mobile-friendly tool or manage a hybrid event where your guests can bid on their phones while enjoying your event. You can start your silent auction in as little as five minutes, then share it out to your donor list and your community: our experience shows that organizations receive four new contacts every time a person shares your auction.

We offer two auction software pricing plans, both are free to start: we don’t make money if you don’t raise money. With our Flex Plan you are guaranteed to net between 92%-100% of your donation proceeds: there is no start fee, only platform and processing fees. Our Prepaid Plan does have a start fee of around $297-$1,500 depending on your needs, however this plan allows access to certain features, like unlimited SMS credits, and guarantees between 94%-100% of your proceeds go to your pockets. 

Pre-register guests for faster onboarding. Guests can sign up in seconds and start bidding right from their phones—no app necessary. Our third-party integrations make the checkout process easy for bidders and for you, and simple for you to add new donors to your tracking system. Sell event tickets, manage attendees and invoices, send out SMS reminders, and even accept donations all from your silent auction page.

Auction Hub


One spot for organizers and donors to meet

Skip paper bidding: simply share your unique auction link. Push your auction to your event attendees’ devices—no app required for you, or them! Bidders can register, start bidding, and receive notifications when they’re outbid. If they win, they receive an invoice via text and email.

We’ve partnered with Stripe, WePay, and PayPal to deposit the funds in your account in just a few short days.

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Auction Software That's Easy to Use and Love

Popcorn Bidding

If an item is hot, keep bidding open on it for an additional few minutes. This will help prevent sniping and help you earn more money on an envy-worthy prize. Popcorn bidding is one of our auction software’s most popular features and for good reason: every bid is more money towards your cause.
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Get to the good stuff

Get event guests up to speed and bidding on your great items as fast as possible. Whether you’re hosting a live event alongside your online auction or sending links out to your supporters, our fundraising software gets even folks who aren’t tech-savvy up to speed and bidding as quickly as possible.
Fast registration

Bulk Up

Use our template to format your spreadsheet of items and then let it rip: our system will save you time on manually filling out fields. Better yet, you can get your auction dashboard set up while you’re still gathering your auction items. Our auction platform makes it simple to build your auction on your timetable.
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Have questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

It's already easy to use. But we're still here for you just in case.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is ready to help you with all your technical questions, and can be reached by live chat, email, or phone depending on your plan.


Give yourself a head start with a custom onboarding plan. Maximize results along the way with premium training, consulting, and technical services.


We have blog articles, online courses, and comprehensive video tutorials to help you and your whole team get the best out of our platform.

Fundraising Software That Grows With You

Auctions are just one piece of CharityAuctionsToday’s complete platform designed to help build
your auction projects. Each feature is powerful, but they’re even more capable when used together.


No Fee
$297 – $1500
Platform Fees
0% – 5%

0% – 3%

Processing Fees

3% + $0.30

3% + $0.30

Donation Net Amount

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Guaranteed 92% to 100%

Live Auction Features

Restricted Access

Unlimited Access

Number of Bidders



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Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, you gather items or prizes for people to bid on, and you put their winning bids towards your cause. Obviously it’s more complicated than that, but we’ve got you covered with our extensive guide to silent auctions. Gathering items or asking for businesses to donate prizes that people will want to bid on is one of the big keys to success, but so is getting the word out and having an easy-to-use online auction system in place for your bidders. 

Whether your charity auction is big or small, it can feel overwhelming to do something you’ve never tried before. We can help you out at any point with free hands-on guidance from our Auction Success Managers.

Yes! Here’s what the IRS has to say about winning bidders’ taxes: 

“Donors who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid for an item over its fair market value. The donor must be able to show, however, that he or she knew that the value of the item was less than the amount paid.”

Auction winners will automatically receive receipts but you can also generate invoices on demand if they request this.

It depends! There are no truly free auction platforms: each takes a small percentage of your total funds raised. However, on CharityAuctionsToday you’re guaranteed to pocket between 92%-100% of your proceeds. Even with our Flex plan you can ask your donors to offset platform fees and thus take home even more funds for your cause.

There are a lot of options out there but we can confidently say that ours is the most affordable, and our user feedback consistently tells us it’s easy for absolutely anyone to use. If you’d like to take a look at how different charity auction sites stack up, take a look at our article comparing and contrasting different auction platforms.

The simple answer is that you have to ask! Ask local business owners and organizations if they can donate gift baskets, products, gift certificates, vacation packages, cars—the sky’s the limit as long as you ask politely and understand if the answer is no (small businesses in particular might not be in a position to give). If you have trouble finding local businesses that can give, expand your requests to larger businesses that have a reputation for helping with fundraising.

You can generate reports on what each item earned, who bid on it, who paid for it, and their contact info (for your donor database). Reports also include whether donors covered your platform and credit card fees, and what your total earnings were.

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Auction software is just one component of our fundraising platform. Each product is designed to help you build your fundraising projects: and they’re more powerful when used together.

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